Dolf Middelhoff (1950)

I was educated as a graphic designer at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, where I took painting, illustration and photography as susidiary subjects. Since 2005 I am fully devoted to photography, painting and drawing. Roos Schuring taught me the intricacies of 'plein-air' painting.

Landscape is the focal point in my work, usually in combination with special light. I find (empty) coastal and desert landscapes most attractive.

Many of my paintings and drawings are made 'en plein-air', but I also paint (on a larger scale) in my studio.
Since 2017 I have been a member of the Dutch Society of Marine Artists.

"But you are an art man", my late granny and godmother used to say whenever I broke free from 'the norm'. And with that, all was said and forgiven. All the more reason to breathe new life into that name, because I think 'artist' is just a little too much honor.